Finance Director Roles

Like any good FD/CFO my start point is data driven internal budgeting, forecasting, and result monitoring, then using that to partner with the board and to drive business performance.

Already that is more than you might expect from a bookkeeper, external auditor or even in house Financial Controller. All of whom have roles to play, but that tend to be functions based on financial compliance and monitoring – not proactive strategy.

Exactly how you use your FD is up to you:

  • Some like a regular touch point (monthly or quarterly) whilst some like to know I’m on call when you need me.
  • Some prefer written board packs whilst others like the time to discuss around the issues.
  • Some want high level support for their existing finance team whilst others use me for more “board-eyes-only” projects

In all cases I scope out what works for you and offer a variety of packages (including fixed fees) depending on how much support you need.

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