Many firms are no longer traditional partnerships, but there remain several thousand that are. No doubt because they are unclear on the process and worried about the potential disadvantages.

It can be quite easy to set up and start trading as a sole trader or traditional partnership, but are you sure you have the right corporate structure for the future of your firm?


For those firms who are yet to have limited liability structures.


A comprehensive review of your options and a project plan to guide you through steps you need to take to incorporate. More than this though, an actual human being to help guide you through the process.


To help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different options.


I usually recommend two meetings two weeks apart – one to explain the options and one to plan the detail. Thereafter the process takes about six months (as outside agencies such as the SRA and HMRC have set processing times) with me on call when you need me.

How Much?

This is a fixed service of £2,400, based on two meetings of £1,200 each and including a fair usage policy on subsequent follow-up queries.

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