Budgeting & Forecasting

Professional budgets and forecasts are the key difference between finance processing and finance strategy.

It is quite easy to know what went through the books last month, but do you know what is probably going to go through them next month?


Useful for all firms but especially for those who are keen to have financial clarity on where they are going and what is most likely to happen next.


A three-way forecast of profits, assets and cashflow either for the whole firm or on a departmental/office basis.


To enable accurate and prompt decision-making.


Timelines vary depending on the quality of your existing financial data. 3-4 weeks is a normal timescale.

How Much?

Costs vary depending on the size of the practice and the level of revisions, or alternate scenarios required.

As a guide, a very simple forecast would be approximately £2,000 and a very complex one would be £15,000. Most clients budget £3-8,000.

Discounts are available for prompt payment and for those already enrolled in the outsourced FD service.

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