Board Meetings & Packs

Having an experienced chartered accountant around your board table helps upskill everyone there to make decisions with profitability in mind.

It is quite easy to go with your “gut feel”, but do you know the cashflow or profitability impact of a decision before you make it?


Useful for all firms but especially those that are keen to have financial input on a regular basis to aid their decision-making.


A regular analysis of trends within the business but also an actual, experienced human with which to discuss what those trends mean.


To enable accurate and prompt decision making.


Timelines vary depending on the quality of your existing financial data. Most people have their board meeting in the week following the closure of the books (monthly or quarterly).

How Much?

Costs vary depending on the size of the practice and the level of revisions, or alternate scenarios required.

As a guide, a very simple quarterly board pack with no meeting or follow-up would be approximately £1,000 and a very complex one with hours of discussion afterwards would be £5,000. Most clients budget £4-10,000.

Discounts are available for prompt payment and for those already enrolled in the outsourced FD service.

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Board Meetings & Packs

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