Finance Project Roles

CFOs aren’t run-of-the-mill Finance Directors; they are experienced in truly transformational financed projects. Things that you need to get right and that will drive the firm forward – but often things you might only do once in your firm’s life cycle!

Already that is more than you might expect from a bookkeeper, external auditor or even in-house Financial Controller. All of them have roles to play, but they tend to be around financial compliance and monitoring – not in terms of a proactive strategy.

Exactly how you use your CFO is up to you:

  • For some, it’s a “once in a lifetime” project where they need the niche experience of someone who has done it before – because they haven’t!
  • Some prefer to follow up after the initial exercise to make sure they are staying on track and the changes have truly bedded into the organisation.
  • Some want high level support for their existing finance team whilst others use me for more “board-eyes-only” projects.

In all cases I scope out what works for you and offer a variety of packages (including fixed fees) depending on how much support you need.

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