Expert Witness

Unfortunately, there can be times when owners of law firms disagree so strongly on exit values that instructing an expert witness is required.

It might be easy to find a business valuer, but are they a true expert in the value of a law firm?


Any law firm owner who thinks the value of their ownership is different to that of their co-owners view.


A CPR compliant report suitable for submission to the court on the likely value of your firm based on the three most commonly used metrics: trade sale, asset sale and external sale.


To help you defend your position in any litigation.


Timelines vary depending on your existing data. The creation of the report itself usually takes two weeks.

How Much?

The detailed valuation described here will be made CPR compliant. This adds a further £1,500 for a total fixed fee of £5,500.

Any further costs/attendance at court etc are subject to a separate fee.

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