Deal Negotiating & Structuring

Many firms are keen to do a deal (whether buying or selling) but find that the day job takes preference, and the transaction suffers from “deal fatigue”. It’s more important than ever to instruct professional advisors who can understand the variables and negotiate calmly and rationally, but also quickly and with focus.

It can be quite easy to start initial discussions by yourself, but how do you make sure the final deal is the same, and that it is all done in a timely manner?


Any firm (whether buying or selling) that wants a professional approach to the transaction to remove both emotion and delays.


I will either lead the negotiations (so you don’t have to) or act as your sounding board behind the scenes. I am also often asked to draft Heads of Terms so that you can then draft your own SPA. In either case, I’ll be providing you with a playbook of how to approach each variable and to ensure you are negotiating hard in the right areas and conceding where appropriate.


To help you decide on the best value route for your firm and to help keep negotiations moving and focus on the correct points.


Timelines vary depending on the initial depth of negotiations and the willingness of the ”other side”. Most transactions take between 2 and 4 months.

How Much?

Costs vary depending on the size of the transaction and the level of negotiations or alternate variables required.

As a guide, a very simple scenario with minimal contentious points or significant follow-up would be approximately £6,000. A very complex one with hours of discussion backwards and forwards would be £30,000. Most clients budget £10,000-15,000.

Discounts are available for prompt payment and for those already enrolled in the outsourced FD service.

Contingent fees are also available on request.

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